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Monday, April 24, 2017

[haw-info] Historians Against the War Steering Committee Elections

To members and friends of Historians Against the War,

We are conducting an election for members of the HAW Steering Committee. Statements by the candidates are available at http://historiansagainstwar.org/2017/. The ballot is below. Please mark an "x" next to the names of up to 20 candidates and send your ballot by replying to proxy@historiansagainstwar.org by Tuesday, May 2.

The voting is limited to people who are on the HAW email list. Please do not forward this message.

Thanks for your participation!

Historians Against the War

Marc Becker _____

Mark E. Blum _____

Matthew F. Bokovoy _____

Sandra McGee Deutsch _____

Carolyn "Rusti" Eisenberg _____

Barbara Epstein _____

John J. Fitzgerald _____

Jerise (Jeri) Fogel _____

Van Gosse _____

Martin Halpern _____

Tom Harbison _____

Jeremy Kuzmarov _____

Patrick Lagendijk _____

Staughton Lynd _____

Jim O'Brien _____

Roger Peace _____

Margaret Power _____

Ellen Schrecker _____

Andor Skotnes _____

James L. Swarts, _____

Barbara Weinstein _____

Max Weiss _____

Kevin Young _____

Thursday, April 06, 2017

[haw-info] HAW Notes 4/6/17: Links to recent articles of interest

Links to Recent Articles of Interest

"Trump, Syria, and Chemical Weapons: What We Know, What We Don't, and the Dangers Ahead"

By Phyllis Bennis, CommonDreams.org, posted April 6, 2017

The author directs the New Internationalism Project of the Institute for Policy Studies.

"Trump Is Right,America Isn't 'So Innocent.' Here's How We Can Right That Wrong in Syria"

By Andrew J. Bacevich, Los Angeles Times, posted April 6

The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University.


"Should America Have Entered World War I?"

By Michael Kazin, New York Times, posted April 6, 2017

The author teaches history at Georgetown University.


"The Fiction of U.S.Isolationism"

By Andrew J. Bacevich, The American Conservative, posted April 7


"Three Times When We Blundered into War"

By David R. Contosta, History News Network, posted April 2

On the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq, with implications for policy toward North Korea. The author teaches history at Chestnut Hill College.


"100 Years after the US Got Involved in World War 1 It's Time to Acknowledge Why"

By Robert E. Hannigan, History News Network, posted April 2

The author teaches history at Suffolk University and is author of the just-published book The Great War and American Foreign Policy 1914-24 (University of Pennsylvania Press).


"The Bloodstained Rise of Global Populism: A Political Movement's Violent Pursuit of 'Enemies'"

By Alfred W. McCoy, TomDispatch.com, posted April 2, 2017

The author teaches history at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


"Ready for War with Iran?"

By William J. Astore, Bracing Views blog, posted March 31

The author, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, taught history for fifteen years at military and civilian schools.


"Trump Said He'd Stop Dragging Us into War. That's Yet Another Fat Lie"

By Medea Benjamin, The Guardian, posted March 30

The author is a cofounder of both Global Exchange and CODEPINK.


Thanks to Carolyn Eisenberg, Fran Shor, and an anonymous reader for suggesting articles included in the above list. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.