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Thursday, July 30, 2015

[haw-info] HAW Notes 7/30/15: Links to recent articles of interest focusing on the Iran agreement

Note: The following articles were chosen for the various kinds of light they shed on the nuclear agreement signed by the US and its negotiating partners with Iran, and by the efforts of critics in the US Congress to torpedo the agreement. Thanks to Rusti Eisenberg and an anonymous reader for suggesting articles that are included here. 

Links to Recent Articles of Interest on the Iran Deal

By Jim Lobe, Lobelog, posted July 29

By Scott McConnell, The American Conservative, posted July 29

By Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch.com, posted July 28

By Paul Pillar, CommonDreams.org, posted July 27
The author, a 28-year veteran of the CIA, is a visiting professor at Georgetown University in security studies.

By Gareth Porter, Middle East Eye, posted July 25

By Anthony H. Cordesman, Center for Strategic & International Studies, posted July 20

By Lawrence S. Wittner, History News Network, posted July 16
The author is a professor of history emeritus at SUNY Albany.

Normally these occasional lists touch on a wider range of war-and-peace-related foreign policy issues; suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com

Monday, July 27, 2015

[haw-info] Gathering signatures for new resolution to AHA on violations of academic freedom in Israel/OPT

Dear members and supporters of HAW,

This fall, HAW will submit another resolution regarding Israel's violations of academic freedom to the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, to be held in Atlanta on the first weekend of 2016.

We are starting much earlier than last year's campaign. Our goals right now are to publicize our new AHA resolution widely, and gather maximum signatures from AHA members prior to the November 1 deadline for submission.  

The first step is an ad in the September Perspectives (the AHA newsletter, which goes to 15,000 people) with the resolution and initial signers, accompanied by public dissemination, via a weblink, of a comprehensive brochure documenting Israeli violations of academic freedom.  The brochure is well-advanced, and will be finalized before the ad appears.

We have two major deadlines to meet:

August 7 is the deadline for placing our new resolution (attached, and carefully vetted by our Advisory Group of leading scholars) in the September Perspectives, which will recruit many more signers;

November 1 is the deadline for submitting the resolution to the AHA.  Submission by that date will ensure discussion and a vote at the Business Meeting on January 9.

Here is what we are asking from you.

1.  If you are a current member of the AHA, will you be an initial signer, with your name and institutional affiliation listed in the September Perspectives?

2.  Whether or not you are a current AHA member, will you contribute money to place the ad in Perspectives?  A half-page is $829 plus a $75 design fee; if we raise an additional $300, we can afford a full page.

We need to collect both signatures and money in time to submit by the August 7 deadline.  Please write back as soon as possible if you are a current AHA member and wish to sign the resolution.  If you can make a contribution, please go to http://www.historiansagainstwar.org/donations.html, to send money via PayPal (it has instructions for sending a check, if needed, but please send an email to me at van.gosse@fandm.edu, so I know it's coming).

Thank you for your support,

 Van Gosse

for the Palestine-Israel Working Group of Historians Against the War

PS.  With MARHO: The Radical Historians Organization, we also have an excellent roundtable scheduled for the same day as the Business Meeting, which will be in the program, with Judith Tucker of Georgetown, and Nancy Gallagher and Sherene Seikaly of UC-Santa Barbara.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[haw-info] War on ISIS? Call Congress Today 202-224-312 ( competed message)

War on ISIS? Call Congress Today  (202) 224-3121
Although it has evaded the issue for almost a year, Congress will be voting on a H Res Con.55, introduced by Congressional Reps Jim McGovern, Barbara Lee and Walter Jones. This resolution is designed to force a Congressional decision on the war against ISIS. And most importantly it would bring all US troops home in the absence of a decision.
This vote is happening TODAY, Wednesday June 17. Please forward this message to your members and ask them to call their member of Congress TODAY and to vote yes on H. Res. Con. 55.
Historians Against the War  is supporting this effort because we believe that Congress has the responsibility to make decisions on issues of war and peace. Once this issue is properly debated, we believe members of Congress should vote against US military intervention against ISIS -- whether this involves ground troops or the use of air power..

Please Call your Representative and say, "Do your job; vote against endless war." 

You can reach your Representative via the Capitol switchboard, (202) 224-3121 (to confirm who your Representative is, click here). Ask the operator to put you through to your Representative, and then tell the person who takes your call that you want your member of Congress  TO VOTE YES on H.Res.Con 55.


[haw-info] War on ISIS? Call Congress Today 202-224-3121

From Carolyn Eisenberg and Margaret Power for the HAW-SC.

Monday, June 15, 2015

[haw-info] HAW Notes 6/15/15: Links to recent articles of interest

Links to Recent Articles of Interest

By Jeffrey P. Kimball, History News Network, posted June 14
The author is a professor emeritus of history at Miami University. See also the last item in this list of articles.

By David Vine, TomDispatch.com, posted June 14
The author teaches anthropology at American University and wrote Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia.

By Micah Zenko, Council on Foreign Relations blog, posted June 11
A short article tracing the steps since June 2014

By Jere L. Bacharach, LobeLog, posted June 9
The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at the University of Washington.

By Gene Healy, Cato Institute blog, posted June 8

By Alfred W. McCoy, TomDispatch.com, posted June 7
The author teaches history at the University of Wisconsin.

By Daniel Ellsberg, The Guardian, posted June 4

Interview with Peter Kuznick, The Asahi Shimbun, English edition, posted June 2
Peter Kuznick teaches history at American University.

By Barbara Myers, TomDispatch.com, posted May 31
A tribute to Daniel Ellsberg's fellow whistleblower Anthony Russo

By William Burr and Jeffrey P. Kimball, National Security Archives, posted May 29
Annotated documents providing background for the authors' new book Nixon's Nuclear Specter (University Press of Kansas).

Suggestions for these occasional lists can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com. In particular, thanks are due to Rosalyn Baxandall, Mim Jackson, and an anonymous reader for suggesting articles for these lists.

Re: [haw-info] Palestinian Children in Detention- Congressional Letter to Secretary Kerry

Consider supporting this effort by Jewish Voices for Peace to bring attention to the plight of Palestinian children in detention.. See their  call for action below.

Palestinian children in Israeli military detention need you to raise your voice

Ask your Representative 
to add their name 
to our sign-on letter 
to John Kerry


http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=G1bdPszYgTrOGYIE60bXAqEdoQl6c2Id http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=wCADe53AnIQIY62f7fL3gKEdoQl6c2Id mailto:Enter+email+address+here?subject=FWD:+Check+This+Out&body=I+thought+you+might+be+interested+in+this+message+http://hq-org.salsalabs.com/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=[[email_blast_KEY]]

Dear .....

Five years ago, I received my rabbinic ordination. Last month, I started work as JVP's Government Affairs Liaison, working to advance our movement for justice and equality in Washington DC. 

As I see it, my job is to try to bring the best of Jewish values to the debate around Israel and Palestine. One of the most important? Kavod Habriyot, or Human Dignity. It teaches us that each and every human being has infinite value and worth, and must be treated with dignity and respect. And when it comes to children, all of us have a special responsibility to protect that dignity.

But in Israel, the dignity of Palestinians is not respected. Every year, hundreds of Palestinian children are arrested by the Israeli military, held in inhumane conditions, and denied their fundamental rights to due process. Representative Betty McCollum has initiated a sign-on letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, calling on him to make the protecting of Palestinian children a priority in the U.S. - Israel relationship. If we get 10 members of Congress to join this letter, there's no way the State Department will be able to ignore us -- but we can't get 10 members of Congress without you.

Palestinian children need protection, not persecution. Email your Representative, and tell them to join our sign-on letter.

But despite these values which are so fundamental to our tradition, and Israel's purported commitment to them, 700 Palestinian children between the ages of 12-17 experience the Israeli military court system every year.  Seventy-five percent of them fall victim to physical violence at the hands of Israeli forces during arrest, transfer, interrogation, or detention.

Let me give you one example: last year, Tariq Abu Khdeir, a 15 year-old Palestinian-American was savagely beaten by Israeli police whilst visiting. And although the abuse was caught on camera, none of the officers involved have been brought to justice.

The international community is already speaking out about the horror of detention -- UNICEF has condemned the abuse as "widespread, systemic, and institutionalized." But the U.S. has done nothing. We need to change that, and that's why we're proud to be part of the No Way to Treat a Child coalition that's spearheading this campaign.

Tell your Representative to lend their name to the sign-on letter protecting Palestinian children.

Here's the thing about a sign-on letter: it doesn't need a majority vote, like a bill or an amendment. So even though the deck is still stacked against us in Congress, with a sign-on letter, it only takes a few brave Representatives to speak up and make the State Department pay attention. And even if they won't speak out for Palestinian children, every email they receive tells them that their constituents care about human rights, and moves the needle just a bit.

Secretary of State John Kerry needs to hear our message loud and clear: protecting Palestinian children must become a priority in the U.S. - Israel relationship.

Ask your Representative to join Rep. Betty McCullom's sign-on letter.

For Tariq Abu Khdeir. For the hundreds of children whose names we'll never learn. For our future.


Rabbi Joseph Berman


Rabbi Joseph Berman

Government Affairs Liaison

Carolyn Eisenberg, Margaret Power and Jerise Fogel for HAW Steering Committee...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[haw-info] HAW Notes 5/27/15: Links to recent articles of interest

Links to Recent Articles of Interest

By Robert D. Kaplan, The Atlantic, June 2015 issue

By David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy website, posted May 24
Review essay on James Bradley's book The China Mirage

By Stephen M. Walt, New York Times, posted May 18

By Lawrence S. Wittner, History News Network, posted May 17
The author is a professor emeritus of history at SUNY Albany.

By Trevor Timm, Columbia Journalism Review, posted May 15
The author is director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation and a columnist for The Guardian.

By William J. Astore, TomDispatch.com, posted May 14
The author is a former lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force and has taught history at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

By Andrew J. Bacevich, Los Angeles Times, posted May 13
The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University.

By Philip Jenkins, The American Conservative, posted May 13
The author teaches history at  Baylor University.

By James Loewen, History News Network, posted May 12
An account of the May 1-2 conference "Vietnam: The Power of Protest" in Washington, DC

By Gary Leupp, CounterPunch.org, posted May 5
The author teaches history and religion at Tufts University.

Thanks as usual to Rosalyn Baxandall, Mim Jackson, and an anonymous reader for suggesting articles for the list. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.

Friday, May 01, 2015

[haw-info] HAW Notes 5/1/15: Links to recent articles of interest

Links to Recent Articles of Interest

By Andrew Cockburn, TomDispatch.com, posted April 28

By Tom Hayden, submitted to the conference on "The Vietnam War Then and Now," April 29 - May 1, 2015

By Christian Appy, TomDispatch.com, posted April 26
The author teaches history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has written three books on the Vietnam War.

By 18 specialists on Yemen at British and US universities, LobeLog, posted April 18

By Gary Leupp, CounterPunch.org, posted April 14
The author teaches history and religion at Tufts University.

By Andrew J. Bacevich, Aljazeera, posted April 8
The author is an emeritus professor of history and international relations at Boston University.

By Scott McConnell, The American Conservative, posted April 8

By Anand Gopal, TomDispatch.com, posted April 5

By Gareth Porter, The Washington Spectator, posted April 1

The above list includes articles accumulated during seveal weeks when the server for the HAW email list wasn't working. Thanks to Mim Jackson, Rosalyn Baxandall, and an anonymous reader for suggesting some of the articles. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[haw-info] Vietnam at 50 - A Historians Call To Action

Vietnam at 50 - A Historians Call To Action


            In 2008 Congress added a directive, and funding, to the 2008 National Defense Authorization bill commending the Department Of Defense to "authorize the Secretary of Defense to conduct a program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War…." (Emphasis added).  This action has allowed the Pentagon to utilize over $30 million to rewrite and sanitize the history of the Second Indochina War (the Vietnam War in the US, the American War in Vietnam).

            While the Department of Defense has already been rolling out their version of the Vietnam War for several years, there will be a major honor our veterans roll-out schedule for this Memorial Day, 25 May 2015. We are calling on all historians to actively participate in activities to supplement the Pentagon honor propaganda, and to make Americans aware of the true nature and consequences, in both the United States and in Vietnam, of the Vietnam War, and what the "official" history leaves out (i.e. mass killing and environmental destruction in Vietnam, the antiwar movement, GI resistance, etc.).

            The Department of Defense has established a website at http://www.vietnamwar50th.com/about/ which includes numerous videos, "fact sheets," timelines, and various other resources.  At this point the Department of Defense list 7919 partners engaging in commemorations as envisioned in the original Congressional mandate. The information provided on the government website is very one-sided and paints a distorted picture of the United States involvement in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

            To counter the Department of Defense history and commemoration, Veterans For Peace (VFP) has established a separate website titled Vietnam Full Disclosure (http://www.vietnamfulldisclosure.org/ ) which provides numerous articles and information from academic and nonacademic sources intended to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the United States involvement in Indochina. Under "Education Resources" are numerous resources covering:  Documents and essays, Vietnamese sources, Gulf of Tonkin, Antiwar movement, Legacies of the war, Teaching materials, Visuals, Videos/DVDs, and Further reading (fiction and nonfiction).

The Vietnam Full Disclosure website also contains timelines and histories but without the glorification propagated by the DOD website. The history timelines include ancient history and the French colonial history as well as the buildup of the United States involvement in Vietnam and Indochina.

            A petition generated by Tom Hayden to Lieut. Gen. Claude M. "Mike" Kicklighter (http://tomhayden.com/home/vietnam-peace-commemoration-committee-petition.html) has been signed by hundreds of historians and other academics calling upon the Pentagon to correct many of the omissions and flawed lessons in the official DOD history.

            We, the Steering Committee of HAW, call upon all historians to help counter the glorified propaganda being perpetuated by the Department of Defense Vietnam Commemoration. With the planned roll-out of the Department of Defense official commemoration commencing on Memorial Day we call upon all historians to write op-ed articles, and/or letters to the editor's, to be published on Memorial Day reminding the American people of the true cost of this horrendous war in both human lives and destroyed environment, as well as the actual dollar cost for all countries involved. We cannot afford to allow history to be so distorted that one of the greatest mistakes in United States history is glorified and sold to the American people as patriotism.

            In addition to the resources available on the Vietnam Full Disclosure website, numerous articles and blogs have been posted outlining the many flaws in the government's official website. One such well-written article is Marjorie Cohn's "US Government Sanitizes Vietnam War History" which is available at http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/26842-us-government-sanitizes-vietnam-war-history# , and has been reproduced on numerous other websites including the Huffington Report and the History News Network.

            In addition to writing op-ed articles on Memorial Day, HAW also encourages college teach-ins, lectures, and other forums be utilized by all historians to remind the American people of the divisiveness and true cost of the United States decades long involvement and war in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia).

            The Steering Committee also recommends participation in the Vietnam: The Power of Protest rally in Washington, D.C. May 1st and 2nd.  For information and registration go to www.lessonsofvietnam.org .