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Friday, June 16, 2017

[haw-info] HAW Notes 6/16/17: Links to recent articles of interest

Links to Recent Articles of Interest

"Iran 1953: State Department Finally Releases Updated Official History of Mossadeq Coup"

Edited by Malcolm Byrne, National Security Archive, posted June 15


"The 'Global Order Myth: Teary-Eyed Nostalgia as Cover for U.S. Hegemony"

By Andrew J. Bacevich, The American Conservative, posted June 15.

The author is a professor emeritus of history and international relations at Boston University.


"The Irrationality of Iran Vilification"

By Danny Sjursen, LobeLog, posted June 12

The author is a U.S. military strategist who formerly taught history at West Point.


"National Illusions and Global Realities"

By Lawrence S. Wittner, Huffington Post, posted June 11

The author is a professor of history emeritus at SUNY Albany.


"Does Oliver Stone Have a Weak Spot for Dictators?"

By Peter Kuznick, History News Network, posted June 11

The author teaches history at American University and collaborated with Oliver Stone on the TV series and book The Untold History of the United States


"U.K.'s Corbyn Told Truth about Terrorism"

By Lawrence Davidson, Consortium News, posted June 10

The author teaches history at West Chester University.


"The Six-Day War Was a Turning Point in Passionate Attachment to Israel"

By Jeremy Kuzmarov, Huffington Post, posted June 8

The author teaches history at the University of Tulsa.


"America's Real Red Scare: The Slow-Motion Collapse of the American Empire"

By William J. Astore, TomDispatch.com, posted June 6

The author, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, taught history for fifteen years at military and civilian schools.


"Will the Neocons' Long War Ever End?"

By Nicolas J. S. Davies, Consortium News, posted June 5


"The Israeli-American Hammerlock on Palestine"

By Rashid Khalidi, The Nation, posted June 5

The author teaches history and Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University.

Thanks to an anonymous reader for suggesting some of the above articles. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.


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