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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[haw-info] Important Amendments on Afghanistan and Iran Voted On Imminently

Pasting in message from Win Without War about two amendments to 2014 National Defense Authorization Bill, which the Senate is voting on now. There is a useful amendment from Sen. Merkley, designed to spped the removal of US troops from Afghanistan and very dangerous amendment from Sen Mark Kirk designed to sabotage US diplomacy with Iran...Information follow, Please call when your Senators and let them know your views.
Rusti Eisenberg for HAW Steering committee

Win Without War

Dear Carolyn,

Call your Senators toll-free today: (877) 429-0678.
Encourage them to fully end America's longest war and stop the next war before it starts!
The Senate is currently debating and voting on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This 'must pass' bill gives the Senate a clear choice: to support peace or war in the Middle East.
Our friend, Senator Jeff Merkley, is striving to end the war in Afghanistan once and for all. He introduced an important amendment to the NDAA that would require Congress to debate and vote on any agreement to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan after next year. Without this important legislation, Afghan tribal leaders will have more say over the future of US troops in Afghanistan than Congress. Tell your Senator to demand better.
Unfortunately, Senator Mark Kirk is using the same bill to try to thwart a potential deal with Iran. He added a hawkish amendment to the NDAA that increases sanctions on Iran, prohibits President Obama from making a reasonable deal, and sets us on a path to war.
The Senate is expected to vote on the NDAA this week, and they need to hear from you!
1. Call the Capitol toll-free at (877) 429-0678
2. Tell your Senator's office:
  • I'm from (city, state)
  • I support Senator Merkley's Afghanistan amendment (#2343) to the NDAA
  • Senator Merkley's amendment would give Congress the authority to end America's longest war
  • I oppose Senator Kirk's amendment (#2295) to the NDAA
  • Senator Kirk's amendment would hurt negotiations with Iran and lead us down a dangerous path towards war
3. Next steps:
  • Repeat this process to call your other Senator
  • Amplify our message: share this post via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Get more background on the impact of sanctions on Iran

Thank you for working for peace,

Angela, Stephen, Tom and the Win Without War Team


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