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Sunday, March 17, 2013

[haw-info] TIME SENSITIVE: National Call-in Days "Back to Work Budget" 1-877-429-0678

Early this week, perhaps as early as Tuesday the House of Representatives will be voting on a budget for FY 2014.
As you already know, Rep. Paul Ryan's budget is beyond devastating-- dismembering Medicare, slashing Medicaid and dismantling other vitally important social programs. If enacted, it will put the United States on a fast-track back to 1928.
Fortunately, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC)has proposed a "Back to Work" Budget which puts the emphasis back where it belongs: the creation of seven million jobs, the preservation of the "entitlements," and full funding for domestic social programs. Deficit reduction will be achieved by increasing the number of working Americans, by raising taxes on the rich and making reductions in the Pentagon budget. For more details: http://cpc.grijalva.house.gov/back-to-work-budget/
For this budget to receive significant national attention and debate, we need a large number of Representatives to vote YES on this "Back to Work Budget." Across the country national and local groups are sponsoring call-in days in support of the CPC initiative. Historians Against War urges you to join this effort by calling your House Representative today!  The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)  is providing groups their toll free number 1-877-429-0678.
Please call your Representative today and urge them to vote YES on the Progressive Caucus "Back to Work Budget." And please forward this message widely and quickly.
If you would like to receive further updates on Congressional developments, please email
for the Historians Against War Steering Committee


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