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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[haw-info] Legislative Alert: $642 billion for the Military? This year? TIME SENSITIVE

The FY 2013 military budget (NDAA) is up for a vote in the House this Friday. It contains more than $642 billion of taxpayer money to pay for a war the majority of Americans oppose; nuclear upgrades that threaten non-proliferation agreements; programs and weapons that even the Pentagon doesn't want. The bill also promotes reckless threats on Iran, enables reckless actions by Israel and prohibits the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo to the United States.
It's not just the Republicans, who are at fault. The majority of Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee have voted in favor, producing a lopsided 56-5 margin for an outrageous bill. Partisan rhetoric should not obscure the reality that if this over-sized military budget passes the Congress, it will be paid for by programs that affect the most vulnerable- food stamps, school lunches, health insurance for low income children, "Meals-on Wheels" for the elderly.
Call the Capitol Switchboard Today 1-877-429-0678. (toll-free number provided by FCNL)
*Ask your Representatives to support Barbara Lee and Jerrold Nadler's strong amendment (#158) to cut all funding from the $88 billion allocated for the Afghanistan war, except for the purpose of bringing all of our troops and defense contractors home.
*And when it comes time for a vote on the entire Pentagon budget bill (H.R. 4310) make it clear that you expect your Representative to vote NO.
Please circulate this message widely to family and friends.
Carolyn Eisenberg  for the HAW Steering Committee


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