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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[haw-info] an appeal for funds

To members and friends of Historians Against the War,

HAW rarely sends out fund appeals, and this is the first one in over three years.  Now our bank balance is near zero, which puts even our modest expenses into question.  We are an entirely volunteer-run organization, and all donations support our activities such as printing flyers and pamphlets, staffing tables at conferences, and meeting to plan future activities.

In an era when the US government arrogates to itself the right to wage war at any time and in any place, whether through drones in the air or troops on the ground, and the right to subject even its own citizens to indefinite detention, it is important to keep oppositional voices alive. 

Please consider financially supporting HAW.  Donations of any size (from $25 or$100 or anything above or below those figures, would be greatly appreciated.  The easiest way to donate is online, at http://www.historiansagainstwar.org/donations.html.  Alternatively, checks made out to Historians Against the War can be mailed to the treasurer, Van Gosse, 392 Broadway #4F, New York, NY 10013.  In the interest of truth-in-soliciting, donations to HAW are not tax-deductible.

Together, working as part of a broad antiwar movement, we can bring these wars to an end.

Jim O'Brien and Marc Becker
Co-chairs of Historians Against the War

P.S.  One of the issues that has long concerned HAW is the smearing of dissenting academics.  Yesterday, April 24, the New York Times made available more than one-fourth of its op-ed page for an ad by the "David Horowitz Freedom Center."  Invoking the Holocaust, the ad denounced by name 14 professors (none of them prominent public figures) for having expressed support for sanctions against Israel.  Those named, the ad said, "should be publicly shamed and condemned for the crimes their hatred incites."  However one feels about proposals for sanctions against Israel, the fact that the Times would accept such an ad, and give it such prominence, bespeaks a dangerous atmosphere in which dissent from official US policy is subject to semi-hysterical denunciation.  (For those wanting to write to the Times, the address for the paper's public editor is public@nytimes.com.)


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