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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Are Antiwar Progressives Giving Obama a Free Pass?

The answer is yes according to today's story in the New York Times:

To date, there has been no significant criticism from the antiwar left of the Democratic Party of the prospect that Mr. Obama will keep tens of thousands of troops in Iraq for at least several years to come.

Okay, fellow peace activists. What do you have to say? Is the New York Times right? Are antiwar progressives giving Obama a free pass?

If so, what does Obama have to say or do before antiwar progressives finally start rousing themselves? In answer to those who say we "should wait" and give Obama "a chance," I'd answer that if we don't raise a ruckus now, we will lose any claim to have a place at the table or influence policy.

When are antiwar progressives going to stop worrying so much about a lame-duck president and start trying to influence the future?

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