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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John McCain: "We need Joe Biden for secretary of state."

Yes, he really said it and it speaks volumes about both men. The choice of Joe Biden is a worrisome indication that it will be politics as usual if Obama wins. Biden is not only the ultimate Washington insider but has a longtime record as both a friend and leader of the war party. Here is what Justin Raimondo has to say:

Today he wails that he didn't know, that nobody knew the truth about Iraq's alleged "weapons of mass destruction," but it cannot be said that Biden was all that eager to discover the truth, either. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee in 2002, Biden was in a position to ensure that a real debate took place on the issue. Yet, in the hearings held by his committee, not a single antiwar "expert" was called: all were spear-carriers for the War Party....

Biden was chosen for the number-two spot because he is thought to strengthen the Obama campaign in the area of foreign policy, where the candidate is considered weakest. Biden is presented as a man of experience, and a foreign policy maven to boot. However, it is precisely in the realm of foreign policy that Biden falls far short. Biden supported the president's war policies, at least in terms of ends if not means...

Biden has been one of the War Party's most reliable servants, endorsing as "absolutely correct" then-President Clinton's attack on hapless Yugoslavia – like Iraq, another example of a war in which the "enemy" represented no danger to the U.S. and whose crimes were vastly overstated. This earned him the approbation of John McCain, who, on April 11, 1999, declared to Tim Russert on Meet the Press: "We need Joe Biden for secretary of state." An astounded Russert asked: "Is that an offer by President McCain?" McCain replied: "Absolutely!"


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