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Thursday, January 14, 2016

[haw-info] Urgent solidarity appeal from Turkish scholars

HAW members and supporters,

Some of us received the appeal below, and the SC believes it is worth circulating to you, if you wish to sign on.

Van Gosse

Dear friends,

"academics for peace" in Turkey has written the below statement on the ever worsening state violence and violations by the Turkish governing power and security forces. you can also access this website for the statement in multiple languages: 

Concerning the signatures: originally, the text is to be signed by academics from Turkey or working on Turkey. but also it can be signed by academics throughout the world whatever their field whose signatures will appear on a separate list as signatures of international support.

To add your signature please send your NAMES and AFFILIATIONS to the address info@barisicinakademisyenler.net

Please also circulate as you see fit.


We will not be a party to this crime! (in English, French, German, Spanish) 

As academics and researchers of this country, we will not be a party to this crime!

The Turkish state has effectively condemned its citizens in Sur, Silvan, Nusaybin, Cizre, Silopi, and many other towns and neighborhoods in the Kurdish provinces to hunger through its use of curfews that have been ongoing for weeks. It has attacked these settlements with heavy weapons and equipment that would only be mobilized in wartime. As a result, the right to life, liberty, and security, and in particular the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment protected by the constitution and international conventions have been violated. 

This deliberate and planned massacre is in serious violation of Turkey's own laws and international treaties to which Turkey is a party. These actions are in serious violation of international law. 

We demand the state to abandon its deliberate massacre and deportation of Kurdish and other peoples in the region. We also demand the state to lift the curfew, punish those who are responsible for human rights violations, and compensate those citizens who have experienced material and psychological damage. For this purpose we demand that independent national and international observers to be given access to the region and that they be allowed to monitor and report on the incidents.

We demand the government to prepare the conditions for negotiations and create a road map that would lead to a lasting peace which includes the demands of the Kurdish political movement. We demand inclusion of independent observers from broad sections of society in these negotiations. We also declare our willingness to volunteer as observers. We oppose suppression of any kind of the opposition.

We, as academics and researchers working on and/or in Turkey, declare that we will not be a party to this massacre by remaining silent and demand an immediate end to the violence perpetrated by the state. We will continue advocacy with political parties, the parliament, and international public opinion until our demands are met.

For international support, please send your signature, name of your university and your title to info@barisicinakademisyenler.net.


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