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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[haw-info] HAW Notes 8/26/14: Links to recent articles of interest

Links to Recent Articles of Interest

By Connie Bruck, The New Yorker, September 1 issue
A detailed article on the history and current status of AIPAC

By Lawrence S. Wittner, History News Network, posted August 25
The author is a professor of history emeritus at SUNY Albany; his original title for the essay was "Global Problems Call for Global Solutions."

By Aviva Chomsky, TomDispatch.com, posted August 24
The author teaches history at Salem State University in Massachusetts.

By Patrick Cockburn, TomDispatch.com, posted August 21

By Jeff Halper, CounterPunch.org, posted August 18
The author is director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

By Elliott Colla, History News Network, posted August 17
The author teaches in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University.

By Tom Hayden, The Nation, posted August 13
Subtitled "To reject the 'Long War' doctrine, the American left first has to understand it"

By Stephen F. Cohen, The Nation, posted August 12
The author teaches history at New York University.

By Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, posted August 4
Based in part on documents released by Edward Snpowden

By Lewis Siegelbaum, The Nation, posted August 1
The author teaches history at Michigan State University.

This list was edited by Steve Gosch and Jim O'Brien, with thanks to Rosalyn Baxandall, Mim Jackson, Lewis Siegelbaum, Larry Wittner, and an anonymous reader for suggesting articles that are included.


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