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Monday, December 17, 2012

[haw-info] Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign

Send President Obama and Members of
Congress a Strong Clear Message

On Election Day, the American people made their voices heard.

We rejected austerity schemes to reduce the deficit at the expense of working people, the middle class, the poor, children, and the elderly.

We want those who caused the economic crisis to pay to fix it. We rejected more tax breaks for large corporations and the wealthy. We want the super-rich and giant corporations to pay their share and government to stop coddling the greedy and neglecting the needy!

One of the best ways to reduce the deficit is to put people back to work. It's time to invest in our people and our communities to create stable jobs at living wages, rehabilitate our nation's infrastructure, repair the social safety net, restore government services and programs that serve the needs of people and communities, and develop a sustainable planet for future generations.

We want the war in Afghanistan to end now and for substantial cuts to be made to runaway Pentagon spending.

We want an economy, government and nation that work for ALL of us, not just some of us.

Keep the pressure on – remind Congress and President Obama that they work for the American people.

SIGN THE PETITION: http://bit.ly/jobs-not-wars-HAW


We will present the Jobs-Not-Wars Petition to Congress & President Obama around the time of the Inauguration.

Forward this email to everyone you know – ask them to join you in signing the Jobs-Not-Wars Petition. Post it to your Facebook page and Tweet about it to your social network. There is strength in numbers. Don't let our elected officials forget who they represent.

We can, and must do better for all Americans.

Thank you.

The Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign
Participating Organization:
Historians Against the War



The full text of the petition:

Mr. President and Members of Congress:

During this period, when people of faith and secular people alike reflect on the year that is ending and
look forward with hope to the year ahead, it is a time to put aside differences and enmities to celebrate
our universal values.

It is in this spirit of humanity and hope that we call upon you to redirect your efforts and federal resources to:

·         End the war in Afghanistan now, bring all our troops home, and care for and support them upon their return;

·         Create good jobs at living wages: invest in our communities and our people to grow the economy and put people back to work;

·         In communities devastated by hurricane Sandy, assure that reconstruction is performed in the public interest with full transparency under the direction and control of local, state and federal governments and accountable to the people.

·         Train and hire veterans, the unemployed, and youth from historically disadvantaged communities to perform cleanup and reconstruction as a part of a broader national jobs program to rehabilitate inner cities, build affordable energy-efficient homes, repair/replace public infrastructure, and develop sustainable manufacturing for the 21st Century.

·         Redirect our nation's resources from war and uncontrolled Pentagon spending to fund social programs and public services, protect and improve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, repair the social safety net, meet the challenge of climate change, and reduce poverty and inequality.

·         Rely foremost on determined diplomacy and patient negotiation, rather than military power to respond to international disputes, differences or conflicts;

·         Require those at the top of the income ladder, giant corporations and financial speculators to pay their fair share of taxes.

We ask that you summon the personal courage and moral fortitude to transcend partisan differences to serve the common good and public interest.

Give peace a chance!

We need jobs not cuts! Work not Wars!

SIGN THE PETITION: http://bit.ly/jobs-not-wars-HAW


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