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Friday, December 10, 2010

[haw-info] HAW Wikileaks Statement

Over the last few weeks Wikileaks has released numerous classified U.S.
government cables that have revealed what U.S. diplomats are saying to
each other on a range of topics, from the war in Iraq to heads of state.
The documents unveil disturbing facts about these wars, including secret
CIA paramilitaries, unaccountable military task forces, and the
widespread killing of civilians. The release represents a contribution
to the right of the public to know, both in the United States and around
the world, what the U.S. government really thinks and does, as opposed
to the fictions that often pass for official statements.

In response, members of the U.S. government and public, from both
parties, have unleashed a firestorm of verbal abuse, physical threats,
legal maneuvers, and economic pressure to try and silence Julian
Assange, the head of Wikileaks, and to prevent the publication of any
more U.S. government documents.*

We call on all HAW members to oppose these attacks and to stand up for
freedom of the press and the free distribution of information. Several
petitions are circulating on the web -- for example, at
https://sites.google.com/site/wilibeaks (Voters for Peace) and
(Credo). We ask you to sign them and to ask your friends and colleagues
to do so as well.

* For recent background articles on these attacks, see, e.g.:

Glenn Greenwald, "Joe Lieberman Emulates Chinese Dictators"

Tom Hayden, "The Lynch Mob Moment"

Robert Scheer, "From Jefferson to Assange"

Editors of The Nation, "First They Came for Wikileaks Then . . .

Historians Against the War (HAW) Steering Committee (SC)

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