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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences

The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences by James DeFronzo (University of Connecticut) provides a probing analysis of the Iraq War and its consequences from a social conflict perspective by exploring the key historical, political, and social underpinnings.

“Compared with the books written on Iraq by embedded reporters and scholars in recent years, DeFronzo’s book stands out as distinctive on various levels. It is thorough and comprehensive in weaving the historical narrative that led to the invasion as well as highly analytical in its examination of the invasion and subsequent occupation. DeFronzo delves deeply into the hidden causes of the invasion cleverly camouflaged by the Bush administration. The Iraq War is well written, well researched and well presented; it is a must read for the student and specialist as well as the general public.” —Ayad Al-Qazzaz, California State University, Sacramento

Visit http://www.perseusbooksgroup.com/perseus/book_detail.jsp?isbn=0813343917 for more information or to order.


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