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Saturday, February 14, 2009

[haw-info] Fundraising appeal for United for Peace and Justice

To members and friends of Historians Against the War,

Since our founding in 2003, HAW has been an active member of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), the nation's largest antiwar coalition.  We have organized contingents for each major UFPJ mobilization, and UFPJ has strongly promoted our events.  Now UFPJ has a serious financial crisis.  We are asking for your consideration to the following message from UFPJ Co-Chair Michael McPhearson, who is also the Executive Director of Veterans for Peace.
Jim O'Brien and Marc Becker
co-chairs, Historians Against the War



The troops are home. The struggle for peace and justice has been won.


Silence your voice of rage, your mighty call for peace and justice. Rest your weary feet, your troubled mind. Pack up the buttons and posters, the marching shoes and petitions, put them away as keepsakes, attic bound. The time for celebration is now.


Do you believe a coalition like United For Peace and Justice is no longer needed -- that this is a time of no war and no U.S. troops in foreign lands, that the struggle for peace and justice is over, that the ties between militarism and economic deprivation are not real and inflaming the crisis at home right now?


If not, please take this message seriously.


United For Peace and Justice needs your help - and we need it now! Please donate today.


There are some who think that with the new administration the war in Iraq will wind down and Afghanistan will take care of itself. That we no longer need to be in the streets or push Congress. That we no longer need to participate in and FUND peace organizations and coalitions. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Our activism is as needed today as ever before. UFPJ nurtures the work of community-based organizers and is the vehicle that brings this movement onto the national stage. In fact, our movement needs to grow, to be stronger and more effective. But we cannot do that without your support, your financial support.


We need funding to continue the struggle or we might soon have to CLOSE OUR DOORS.


For the past six years, UFPJ has been a leader in the antiwar movement. Our work has turned antiwar sentiment into action, laying a foundation for the possibilities of positive change that lay ahead. While the future looks bright it could turn darker -- decisions on Afghanistan will be made soon and UFPJ must be able to raise our voice for peace. It is a critical time, unlike any before, to push for change. It will not happen by itself. UFPJ is needed to push for that change.

Your help is needed right now! The economic crisis is at our front door. We cannot do the work and we will not be able to pay staff without your help! Please donate.

If UFPJ goes away the proponents of violence and war will rejoice. Let's not give them something to smile about. Please give now and please give as generously as you can.

Michael McPhearson

Co-chair, UFPJ

Executive Director, Veterans For Peace


P.S. Yesterday, I signed up to give a monthly recurring donation to UFPJ. Please think about doing the same. Everyone is hurting financially. That's exactly why we need to stick together. See you at the next demo!


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