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Monday, September 29, 2008

[haw-info] "Four Easy Steps to Last-Minute Registration of Students"

The following is from Van Gosse of Franklin & Marshall University, who is on the HAW Steering Committee.  Registration deadlines for each state can be found on the following federal government web site: 
. (Many of the deadlines are within the next week.)  The right of students to vote in the communities in which they attend school was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1979.

F&M Votes recommends the four things you can do right now to get your students to the polls on November 4:


1.  Find out the registration deadline in your state.

2.  Make a poster with that deadline, telling students where they can register to vote on campus, and put it up around campus.

3.  Set up clipboards with blank registration forms and drop boxes marked "Put Voter Registration Forms Here" in at least two key campus locations, such as your library's circulation desk, or the information desk of your student center.

4.  Organize a table staffed by student and faculty volunteers in your student center for the last three days before the deadline, with a large sign saying "Register to Vote Here!" and ask your president, provost, or a dean to send out an all-student message explaining the deadline and where they can go to register, whether just the boxes or the staffed table.


Collect the forms and get them in!


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