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Sunday, March 09, 2008

We are re-launching the blog!

We are re-launching the blog of the Historians Against the War under the name Hawblog and inviting our members to become authors.

It will be a blog written by HAW members as a place where they have a platform to post up-to-date commentary and especially background that draws on their content expertise as scholars and as historians. The content will be informed by our expertise and our perspective as teachers, writers and researchers of history. Examples of the kind of content we hope for and expect:

- Discussions of new books, especially critical commentary on books that are doing the rounds of the progressive or right wing talk shows. For example, what does an expert on Europe have to say about Naomi Wolf's "The End of America"? Are her historical comparisons valid? How about Kinzer's "Overthrow"? etc.

- Commentary when historically-laden terms and historical analogies make it into public discourse.

- Discussions and commentary on all the themes we are interested in (militarization, the war, freedom of speech and information, etc.)

- Discussion, reports and commentary about what HAW and related initiatives or professional organizations related to the field of history are doing.

- Authors might occasionally post an idea from history or from their field that does not have a direct link to the events of the day, but to the situation in general, for example notes about Mark Twain's anti-imperialism, draft dodging in World War One, or similar themes involving the history of peace or activism.

- Reports from classroom discussions or teach-ins about material relevant to our interests. How do students react? Are our students political? Does history teaching help give them a voice? Does it clarify or nuance their understanding?

The blog will not be for disseminating official HAW information, although announcements (which would also be sent through other, normal channels) may certainly be included. It is not the expection of the authors that the contents of the blog will always reflect official HAW policies or positions. It is expected that the authors of the blog will not always agree with each other. In addition, we recognize that there is an inherent tension between scholarship and activism. That tension should not be avoided, but should be part of our discourse.

We call on members of HAW to join the blog as authors. If you are interested, contact Marc Becker or Mark Hatlie (links on the right under "authors"). As an author, you would not be expected to contribute according to any regular schedule. You would be expected to write occasionally. For some purposes, authors might be invited or allowed to post a one-time message on a special theme or event. Authors will not be anonymous. They will have a screen name that bears some resemblance to their real name and be identifiable to all readers on screen and through links.

Want to put some edge on your history writing? Join us at the Hawblog!



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